Why You Should Buy Pamukchi Kimono Robes

Aaaah, the scent of coffee in the air from the auto-set coffee maker in the morning, the sun coming up on the horizon, and slipping on a soft cozy Pamukchi Kimono Robe. What better way to start off your mornings, other than in a pleasant and pleasurable way? The coffee selection is dependent upon each person’s individual taste, but the broad appeal of Pamukchi’s Kimono Robes is widely known by anyone who has been in contact with them. 

The fabric is made of natural 100% Turkish cotton and made by hand, still using some of the old weaving techniques. Fringe is often seen at the bottom of the kimono robe and/or at the end of the sleeves by the wrist, while just a few of the styles don’t include either of these.

aqua kimono robe

The lengths vary from between the thigh to the calf area of the leg, depending upon which kimono robe you choose to wear. The style of the kimono robes is very on-trend and relaxed and often is seen as a boho chic look. The front left and right flaps of the kimono robe are meant to be loose and comfortable, so they do not have zippers, buttons, or any other items to be used to close the front. The included wrap-around tie can go all around your waist and be tied in the front or on the side to loosely close the front of the robe. Or if you prefer, as I do, loosely tie the wrap-around tie along the back of the robe so it’s out of the way, yet available when you need it. The sleeves are in a flared bell style, some wider than others, so there is no constricted feeling in the arm area or wrist area. Some of the designs are embedded in the weave of the fabric itself,

burgundy kimono robe -
burgundy kimono robe –

https://www.pamukchi.com/product/hand-made-red-fish-kimono-robe/ while others are hand-screen printed onto the fabric.

beige kimono robe - turkish
beige kimono robe – Turkish


So what else is it about Pamukchi Kimono Robes that appeals to people? Well, besides them being eco-friendly and made of natural 100% cotton, they are fast drying, soft, and depending upon the season of the year can even keep you cool or warm when you are wrapped in them. The cotton absorbs moisture from the body and quickly evaporates into the air, helping you to quickly get dry, and the kimono robe itself dries very quickly. The cotton in the fabric also helps the body to regulate its own body temperature during all 4 seasons of the year. The light weight of a Pamukchi kimono robe is used during the summer to keep your body cool, and the weave of it keeps you warm (not hot and sweaty) during the fall and winter months, that is the wonderful flexibility of these cotton and linen robes. Many northerners use the same Pamukchi Kimono Robes to keep themselves cool during the summer (not hot or sweaty) and yet to also keep themselves warm during the winter, (but not overheated).

Due to their flexibility, Pamukchi Kimono Robes are perfect whether you live in the northern states or more southern, like in Florida. They are useful as after-shower or after-bath robes, resort spa robes, beach coverups, poolside coverups, and easy pajama coverups and are nice for relaxing in the evenings before bed. It’s even perfect for the person who doesn’t really want to wear anything, but then doesn’t exactly want to sit around naked either. Pamukchi Kimono Robes are great for a natural minimalist lifestyle. They are also excellent as gifts for any occasion at any time of the year!!

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