Luxuries towel at affordable price

Ideal for those who want to increase their abundance in their life’s with our  fish symbol towel
*%100 cotton Good for yoga , meditation , home decoration and the beach

*Our cotton towels are fast dry  and  sand free
*We have transformed our towels into a product that you will use for 4 seasons.
*You can use it as a shawl and throw blanket in autumn and winter evenings.

*The feel of Our  soft %100 Turkish cotton will keep you warm and comfortable.

*You can use it as a tablecloth and throw for decorative purposes in your home and at work .

*A Turkish towels  is different than a Terry towel we mostly use. A Terry towel is thicker, heavier and takes up much space while a Turkish towel  is a very light and large towel it takes small space in your luggage and beach bags , but most importantly they are produced with natural cotton.

*Whole sale options available You can reach us by what’s up message

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