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While preparing our women’s collection of clothing, we pay attention to the factors that affect a woman’s energy. Things that we look at are, for example, the types of materials used, the texture and feel of the fabric, its versatility, the colors displayed, and the symbols that are used in the patterns of the designs.

We use natural cotton or linen to create the fabrics in our clothing line. Cotton and linen fabrics allow the air to pass through the clothing being worn so that you feel comfortable, good, and fresh. Cotton fabrics help the body to regulate its own body temperature. All of our products and different styles are created for easy breezy every day and every season wear. Choosing Pamukchi clothing is the perfect way to live a natural minimalist lifestyle.

We include in our products the use of various colors such as aqua, blue, green, yellow, red, blue, and peach. Each color choice tends to affect a person’s mood. For example, blue and green are considered cool colors and our brains associate them with creating a sense of calm, whereas red is a warm color and invokes passion.

These color combinations, along with our knowledge of ancient symbols and representative symbols are the focus of Pamukchi’s clothing motifs. Holistic patterns are chosen by our designers to encourage a feeling of connectedness to the earth and the universe.

Geometry is integral in the architecture of the universe. The design and sequence of shapes and patterns can be seen everywhere. Its presence is included in art, music, science, nature, and anywhere else thought of. It is the very essence of all that is in us and around us. Our Pamukchi Kimono Robes, Beach Coverups, T-shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts, are imbued with colors and geometric shapes, and symbols that will enhance your feelings of calmness, success, strength, abundance, love, and balance in your Boho Chic Lifestyle.

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