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Men’s Collection

PAMUKCHI also offers a line of men’s T-shirts.
The T-shirts are also 100% cotton form fitting T-shirt’s.
With many different Holistic symbols for each shirt.
Each symbol brings out the good masculine energy for each mans personal unique style.
We blend the colors and symbols with our ancient knowledge in our products. Holistic patterns are prepared by our alchemists and healers. All are coded for your healing.
This is the most unique and comfortable T-shirt you will wear.

Talismanic design Man’s collections

Talismanic T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, are imbued with alphabets and symbols that will drive power, success, abundance, love, and balance to your life.

Sacred Geometry is the spiritual architecture of the Universe. It is the sequence of shapes and patterns that all of creation comes from.
Sacred Geometry can be found in art, music, architecture and nature. It is the very essence of all creation.

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