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Who We Are

We are producing our goods in the light of ancient knowledge, with the intention to support your “Chi” life force energy.

                                             Blessed be, Be well

Pamukchi caters to thoughtful shoppers who appreciate unique and ethical designs and top quality pieces you just can’t find anywhere else. We are constantly creating fresh new collections, through our special  cosmic artists and healers to find the next big thing our customers will love. 

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From our farms, to our manufacturing and packaging.

Everything started with a seed. The farmer planted the seed, grew it, harvested it and that seed became cotton. The factory workers turned that cotton into thread and amazing fabrics were produced from it. These fabrics encountered with colors and designs to heal life energies (Chi). Yes, colors heal and we heal by using color frequencies. By using symbols too, we can get the support we want in any area in our lives, that is how the Creator’s system works. Love is the most powerful energy; the love you feel for nature, humans and every being that Creator created. If the farmer did not like the soil, did not grew the seed, we would not be able to have many things today. This is exactly why every Pamukchi customer is supporting the food and educational needs of those who need them, in order to continue the chain of love. Thank you for all your support for Pamukchi and the whole.


At Pamukchi, we believe in handmade products that support collaborative and sustainable design. We deeply respect the traditional work techniques of artisans and the time it takes them to make each product by hand. However, work is not our only concern. As a committed Sustainable Artisanal Online Store, we go above and beyond to create strong emotional ties with the communities we work with. We strengthen our ties with artisans through integration activities and volunteering initiatives, all while helping them reach economic independence through their craft.

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Our Factories

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

Pamukchi firmly believes that as consumers, we have a responsibility to challenge excessive industrial production by supporting artisanal hand-made products. Our cause and products both align with this belief.

Our Fabrics

Crafted from recycled and sustainably grown fibers.

At Pamukchi, we focus on environmentally-friendly textiles made from sustainably grown fiber crops and recycled materials. We seek to increase the share of sustainable fabrics continuously within our next collections..

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