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Pamukchi uses 100% natural cotton or linen to create the fabrics in our clothing and home decor lines. We pay special attention to the types of materials used, the texture and feel of the fabric, its versatility, the colors displayed, and the symbols that are included in the patterns of the designs. The products that display a screen-printed design are done by hand.

Cotton and linen fabrics allow the air to pass through the clothing being worn so that you feel comfortable, good, and fresh. The flexibility of the material keeps you cool during hot months as well as helps keep you warm during the colder months. They assist your body to regulate its own body temperature. All of our products and different styles are created for easy breezy every day and every season use.

The Pamukchi Kimono Robes are a one-size flowy design to easily fit most women, while our larger-sized Turkish towels can be used at the beach as well as comfortably envelope you as you step out of a shower. Our clothing lines and home decor products are effortlessly functional, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time.

Pamukchi products are the perfect trendy gift to treat yourself, as well as for your friends, and family members. Whether given at a bridal shower, as a birthday gift, a Valentine’s Day surprise, a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, or a Christmas present, choosing Pamukchi clothing and home decor is the perfect way to live a Boho chic natural minimalist lifestyle.


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At Pamukchi, we focus on environmentally-friendly textiles made from sustainably grown fiber crops and recycled materials.

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We have a responsibility to challenge excessive industrial production by supporting artisanal hand-made products

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